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The UNO Fine Arts building has some of the best visual-arts facilities in the South. Fully-equipped studios enable students to learn techniques and methods such as metal-casting, welding, computer graphics, etching, film processing, and painting. An extensive library and slide collection is used for the study of art history and criticism.

The Electronic Imaging Laboratory (EiLAB) is comprised of current generation Mac and PC computers running industry standard digital imaging software (including After Effects, Final Cut pro X, Toon Boom, Maya, etc), a production studio with multiple backdrops and professional lighting, a large format Epson printer, workstations for stop-motion animation, workstations for traditional frame by frame animation and available equipment including multiple Wacom Cintiq's, a Stedicam pilot sled, and various DSLR and 2k video cameras.

The painting facilities include two large painting studios with wood-working facilities for constructing stretchers, frames, or special projects; and a proliferation of painting in the professional New Orleans art scene that provides a wealth of resources and influences. There are also two Drawing studios, also used for Foundation courses.

The facility accommodates screen-printing, intaglio, relief and lithography (both stone and plate). It is equipped with two NuArc exposure units, various screen-printing tables, manual and motorized presses for relief and intaglio, and a litho press. All inks, chemicals and litho stones are supplied by the department.

The photgraphy facilities incorporate a film developing room, darkroom, print finishing area, and large classroom for meetings, critiques, and lectures. In addition, students in photography can take advantage of the EiLAB facility, a multi-workstation, Macintosh-based computer graphics and electronic imaging lab.

The Department of Fine Arts slide collection currently contains approximately 85,000 slides comprised of painting, sculpture, drawings, architecture, graphics, decorative arts, photography, and maps. The collection covers Western art and architecture from prehistoric to contemporary times as well as Non-Western cultures of Africa and Oceania. New slides are produced in-house and also purchased through commercial sources. The slide library also contains reference material, current periodicals and journals, and a rapidly growing video library. The main purpose of the collection is to supply art history slides for classes taught by three full-time art historians and two part-time art appreciation instructors. Occasional users consist of eight studio faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and students (preapproved by a faculty member). The slide library is housed in the Fine Arts Building and is staffed by one full-time curator and assisted by one half of a graduate assistantship, and two student workers. The slide collection is organized by a combination of plain language classification and letter/number filing code.

The sculpture facility at the University of New Orleans offers the undergraduate and graduate student access to an enormous range of activities. The 6600 square foot sculpture atelier houses a modern foundry for lost wax and complex sand casting efforts, a complete cabinet makers shop for both intricate and enormous wood fabrication, a full sheet metal shop with a 45 ton hydraulic metal worker, as well as a full range of welders and plasma cutting equipment. A ventilated plaster and clay mixing out-building, with a modeling room for the more observation bound traditions are also a part of the facility. An installation space, for the less object oriented disciplines of installation and performance, is also part of the program. All methods of art making are encouraged and supported.