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Instructor, Research Specialist, Managing Director - UNO St. Claude Gallery; Faculty Advisor, Visual Arts League

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Kathy Rodriguez was born in Metairie, Louisiana, on July 16, 1980, during a heavy thunderstorm. She lived in Metairie and New Orleans before and after a brief 1998 stint in art school in Baltimore. Between 1999 and 2004, she sold fine cheeses for a living while she completed the curriculum for a Bachelor's degree in Arts, with a focus in studio art, at The University of New Orleans. In August 2005, she moved to Missoula to work towards a Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing and Master of Arts in art history degrees. In Missoula, she taught, painted, interned, and struggled to keep deer out of the garden. In late June, 2008, after graduating and teaching a summer painting course, she and her sweetie (now hubby), Matthew Kirscht, returned to New Orleans.

She is now an Instructor in Art History and Studio Art at University of New Orleans. She also serves as Director of the UNO-St. Claude Gallery. She loves her job and she loves to be home.

Artist Statement

I consistently maintain an interest in painting and drawing people and places. Often my work is in an attempt to establish a sense of space and place, whether imaginary or real. I work from both subjects and memory, using invented or exaggerated charracters to construct stories of tragedy and hilarity. I subtly entwine other ideas in the subject matter and make them accessible to the viewer through humor, intimate or encompassing scale, sensual application of paint, attractive color, and quirky characterizations of the figure.

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